Videos / Webinars

US Equity Strategy & Rebalancing 

Watch Eugene break-down the US equity markets and review current positioning for our stock portfolios. While 2018 has been challenging for investors, we believe the current environment is supportive for long-term investors. 


Investing Through Adversity 

Markets have become more complicated in recent months.  Steve addresses volatility, reviews market fundamentals, and offers tips to increase your chances of investment success.   

Stock Market Update

Watch Eugene discuss the major themes impacting markets, and highlight our current positioning and outlook for stock investors.  



Key Takeaways for Investors

Steve shares potential opportunities and risks for investors. 

Stock Market Update

Eugene breaks-down the US equity markets, examines our current portfolio positioning, and presents our investment outlook.


2nd Quarter Investment Insights

Portfolio Manager, Steve Tuttle, discusses major themes in global financial markets & presents our outlook for 2018.


How to Benefit from Rising Rates?

See how to take advantage of rising rates to lower risk.   We believe short-term bonds and floating rate notes are attractive now.  


Insights from CIO Eugene Yashin on US Equity Markets

Despite an increase of volatility so far in 2018, we believe the investing environment is generally supportive for investors.  Eugene covers the following:

  • Using multi-factor models for equity investing
  • Recent changes in our equity portfolios
  • Opportunities across different sectors and styles



Steve Tuttle addresses 3 common concerns we’re hearing from clients:

  • Has the bull market lasted too long?
  • Are valuations too high?
  • Is it a mistake to invest at market highs?   



Steve Tuttle reviews the current investment environment and highlights how we are positioning portfolios for 2018 and beyond.


Eugene Yashin shares our latest views on US Equity Markets including:

• Overview: Can the bull market continue?

• Economic Forecast: Is the global economy poised to accelerate?

• Multi-Factor Investing: What Size, Style, and Sector strategies do we favor now?

• Changes in our equity models: Strategic All Equity model & Strategic Dividend model



Steve Tuttle shares themes impacting financial markets and where we see opportunities for global asset allocation strategies.

Signet Strategic Equity Strategies seek excess return potential:

Chief Investment Officer, Eugene Yashin, presents our perspective on current market conditions and discusses opportunities for active, factor-based equity strategies to add value.

Midyear Outlook by Steve Tuttle

Investment Analysis with Eugene Yashin

Risk Management with Shawn Hirsch

Plan for your Financial Future with Dan DiVizio

Income Investing with Steve Tuttle

Uncovering Opportunities in Growth and Value Stocks

US and Global Economic and Market Trends

Investment Implications of US Elections

2016 Second Half Outlook

How to Handle Market Volatility