We offer a full range of institutional-quality portfolios to let markets work for you.


STRATEGIC ALL EQUITY - a focused portfolio of individual stocks reflecting our views of future risk-adjusted return potential. We combine quantitative and qualitative analysis to hand pick individual stocks with a unique blend of factors, including value, growth, quality, trend, safety, and size. We believe our multi-factor approach provides alpha potential for investors seeking capital appreciation and who have a long time-frame and tolerance for stock market risk.

STRATEGIC DIVIDEND EQUITY - a focused portfolio of dividend paying stocks that are attractive within our multi-factor framework. Since the strategy typically invests in stocks that pay consistent dividends, the portfolio tends to favor large- and mid-cap companies with a value tilt. The strategy may be appropriate for investors who have a long-term investment goal and a tolerance for stock market volatility.

ENHANCED SECTOR ROTATION - an actively managed exchange traded fund (ETF) allocation for investors who are seeking growth of principal over time and who can accept stock market volatility. We proactively pursue opportunities and tactically rebalance once a month seeking to maintain a consistent risk-adjusted portfolio.


BOND PLUS - a core bond portfolio for investors who are uncomfortable with short-term risk and seek capital preservation, liquidity, and current income.

STRATEGIC BOND INCOME - a multi-sector bond strategy targeting numerous sources of income. We have flexibility to pursue opportunities throughout global bond markets and seek consistent and sustainable income, while managing risk.

INCOME OPPORTUNITY - our most flexible income strategy, with freedom to pursue our best income-generating ideas in any market climate. The portfolio may invest in global stocks and bonds, as well as alternative income asset classes, such as preferred equities, real estate investment trusts, master limited partnerships, closed-end funds, business development companies, mortgage REITS, and options strategies. The strategy may be appropriate for investors seeking high income, with a longer time frame and tolerance for risk.


Broadly diversified global portfolios, including US and foreign stocks, bonds, and alternative investments.

CONSERVATIVE - for investors who seek current income and some capital appreciation with lower risk tolerance.

BALANCED - for investors for seek growth and income who can accept moderate volatility.

MODERATE GROWTH - for investors seeking growth of principal over time and who can tolerate stock market volatility.