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Impact of Tax Hikes on the Stock Market

President Biden’s potential tax hikes will have some impact on corporate earnings and the stock market. However, we don’t believe tax policy is the determining factor for...

Reasons Not to Worry About Market Corrections

Reasons Not to Worry about Market Corrections By Steve Tuttle, Chief Investment Strategist, Signet Financial When the market falls a little, investors worry it’s going...

Can Investors Win More by Losing Less?

Watch Shawn Hirsch explain how we manage risk and help keep clients on track to achieve their goals.   Too many investors only focus on returns.  Seeking to avoid significant...

Investment Implications of the Elections

The elections are finally over.  We find that it is policy, not politics, that matters when it comes to investing.  With President Biden now in the White House, supported...

Preparing Loved Ones For When You’re Gone

Watch Stephanie Carreras, Managing Director Wealth Management, explain what you need to know to make things easier on your loved ones when you pass.  Some end of life planning...

Should Investors Worry About GameStop?

The last weeks of January saw a dramatic surge in the prices of several heavily shorted stocks as retail investors piled into names like GameStop and AMC Entertainment....

Direct Indexing Demystified

Direct indexing may be the next big thing for investors.  By owning a basket of individual stocks, rather than an index fund, investors receive many benefits, such as greater...

Investment Lessons from 2020?

The past 9 months have been among the most challenging and stressful many of us have ever seen.  Chief Investment Strategist, Steve Tuttle, shares key lessons learned from...


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